As a child I was surrounded by a menagerie of rescued animals, some actively saved by my ever compassionate mum, others that instinctively sought out our home as a hospitable refuge. This constant interaction with different types of animals instilled in me the desire to help and be near them as much as I possibly can. Professionally working with dog fulfills a passion of mine. I love my work and my dog clients are my extended family whom I look forward to seeing every week.

About Samara

I am a graduate of the Marin Humane Society's Canine Behavior Academy. I had the wonderful pleasure of apprenticing with Sandi Thompson of BravoPup. I also have worked side by side with Nicole Gayles of  Sirius Dog Training.

I am a graduate and certified dog walker from dogTEC's Dog Walking Academy where I learned pack management skills and the subtleties of canine body language. This knowledge is key to maintaining healthy pack dynamics and ensuring fun, safe play.

I am a board member of the Berkeley Animal Welfare Fund. I am a volunteer with Berkeley Animal Care Services and have previously volunteered with San Francisco SPCA in the Animal Assisted Therapy department, as well as Oakland Animal Control and Seven Teepes Youth Camp as a group mentor.