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Greetings! A pleasure to meet you!  I’m  Samara  – I have been  working with  animals professionally for over two  decades. I am a positive reinforcement- welfare focused walker & trainer that uses LIMA standards. Continued education is important  to me, so that I may stay up to date in the latest science-based, humane training methodologies, and I do that through books, webinars, seminars, having amazing mentors, and participating in programs.  My current program is PHMP (NEW) - Pet Harmony.  I worked to get my  CTBC , SAPT, CDW & CDTK . As a part of the BIPOC and neurodiverse communities, my goal is to share compassion, empathy, and transparency while working with humans and their dogs.  Feel free to ask me questions.   I look  forward to connecting & building relationships with dogs and their humans. Warm Woofs